The Greatness of Minimalism: The First 3 Steps


Nowadays, minimalism is getting a trend; at least is portraited in magazines, blogs, podcasts – and the list continues, but why the hell do you consider yourself one?

People, in general, just let themselves go without knowing the reasons to become something different: do they know what the values are? – I don’t think so.

As far as I’m concerned to be a minimalist, you “should” have certain values, and start to tweak the way you think about things in general.

  • What is the meaning of the things you own to you?
  • Why do you even own them?
  • Do you use them?
  • Do they have a function in your life?

For me, these are one of the pillars that you should start thinking about, and no, you don’t need to get rid of all of your possessions.

What to do to tap into minimalism?

  1. Get rid of the thinking that you don’t use that don’t have a value or a function to you; when I say “get rid” I mean: sell, or give to someone that needs them.
  2. Start to use better your time; use it wisely: schedule “me” time, time for your loved ones, and most of all. As you’ll get used to it, try to “get out of the grid”, leave your smartphone alone and enjoy that time without being bothered – it’s you who decide.
  3. Why not star doing what you like to do – I’m not saying to quit your day job overnight -, but focus yourself on the thing that gives you real pleasure (e.g.: reading, painting, horse riding), allowing yourself “go with the flow.”

Well, this is not a magical formula to be a minimalist today, of course not; it’s just a way of making you think a little about the life that you have, the hectic weeks that pass by you, and you even don’t notice.

Why not slow down, look at your surroundings, change the pace, start to appreciate the small things in life, and go from there – there is no limit to what you can achieve with minimalism.

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