Who is Coach Pedro Pinto

Why did he become a Coach?

Don’t get him wrong – 10 years ago – he was ‘living the life,’ yet, at the same time, he ‘hit the ceiling’ where nothing was challenging him anymore – No, going to another company wasn’t the move for him.
Since drama is not his thing, he analyzed it as a ‘project’ and weighed the pros and cons, and to tell you the truth, he says: “it just made sense” “why not use my knowledge and everything I’ve been through in corporate life in service of others?”

That’s what he did; he started a training journey that began in Canada and ended in Florida, US – after 1,5 years, he had his first session, and the rest is history.

For the past 10 years, Pedro Pinto has coached people from Fortune 500 companies which made him ‘sharpen his saw’ (coaching), expand his competencies, face all the challenges that you might think of, step outside his comfort zone, dive into the deeper end and becoming a better person and coach – “I have to confess that I learn every day with you, as you learn and progress from my coaching.”

Meet Coach Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto is a 47 years old guy with 20+ years of leadership experience at a C-Level – CIO – in an international multicultural environment that has been for the past 10+ years helping clients from all walks of life overcome their roadblocks to achieving their goals.

He is a Master Certified Executive, Leadership, Life, and Mentor Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with 20+ years of leadership experience at a C-Level as a CIO.

Probably Pedro Pinto has been in your shoes. With his experience in the corporate world, he can understand you are facing the hurdles of navigating across the complexity of a company.

He uses his background in Information Technologies, Marketing, Neuropsychology, Human Resources, and Business Administration. 

He combines it with his solution-focused, feed-forward coaching approach allowing him to take a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of what you bring to the sessions, set the end goal together, and the ‘gap’ is where you work with him to make you progress towards of what you want.

Furthermore, Pedro Pinto has been in more cross-functional projects than he can remember; hence he will bring all his experience and knowledge from working with BUs, streams, areas, teams, and ICs – you’ll get access to all this through him.

His philosophy

Pedro Pinto uses a solution-focused, feed-forward approach that supports him in diving deeper with you in each session, finding your ‘blindspots,’ ‘poking you,’ and ‘pressing your buttons’ towards having at least one action for you to take away to your real life to see you progressing. 

Yes, you have put work on it, without excuses!

Training qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Other qualifications

  • Former ICF Los Angeles Director of IT
  • Former ICF Los Angeles Director of Communications
  • Coaches in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.