Gratitude: 3 Action Steps to be Grateful


Gratitude, here is a topic that makes us think, perhaps too much, when you need to keep it simple.

As a Life Coach and a Meditation Practitioner, I found the following video and article quite interesting, given their simplicity and how the authors underline the ways to be grateful.

In Eckhart’s Tolle Video about “Gratitude,” it’s quite clear how easy it is to appreciate the simple things in life; the tiniest thing around you can make all the difference, in contrast to most people think that they’ve to be grateful for big things or issues in their lives.

On the same line of thinking, Bryant McGill, in the article “Gratitude is Where Self-Love Begins!” on Mastin’s Kipp blog he, states that “there are too many gifts to count.”. This statement states that you should be attentive to yourself, love yourself, and be good to yourself. Here we can truly sense his awareness and respect for life – the small and big things.

Here are three action steps that you can take even today to align yourself with Gratitude:

  • Appreciation – Appreciate the small things in your life, every achievement, and step you take toward your goals.
  • Give attention – Be aware of your surroundings and what is near you, inside and outside of yourself, and be grateful for that.
  • Acknowledge the presence of another life form – Be in the present moment, in the now, and fully recognize the presence of all the other lives surrounding you; be grateful for that.

You need to stop, take notice of yourself and your surroundings, see even the tiniest things, appreciate them, be grateful every day for what you have, and achieve and conquer. Yes, it is that simple – “Less is more.”

Pedro Pinto is a Coach, a Mindfulness Practitioner, and a human being that devotes his life to helping people worldwide be aware of themselves, always in the present moment.

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